Friday, 18 May 2012

Selection of new Hornby Items - Wagons - Trains - Skaledale

Another day and another delivery!
We have had a selection of Hornby 2012 release in stock.
There are 2 new trains both in analogue

Two new Hornby freight wagons, this release does not leave many more to be delivered this year. A surprisingly quick near completion for Hornby.

Four Skaledale buildings all from the North Eastern Railway buildings.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

New NSR arrival Porsche 997 NSR 1099

There is a new NSR car arrival today!
Although there have been many Porsche 997 releases in the past, this Coca-Cola livery is a great looking car. In my opinion the range Porsche 997 liveries have been the best that NSR has released for any cars that they sell.
The angle winder set up with the swing guide drop arm gives the car fantastic performance straight out of the box. NSR claim this is the fastest car set up (we are not so sure).
Other news, we do not know if you have noticed but NSR have finally updated their website and now it offers fantastic information on their products, its sure worth a look!!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

May Special offer now Live

This month’s specials are now active till the 6th of June.

There is a wide range of items on offer this month, with 10% off selected Scalextric cars, 50% off some Carrera 124 digital cars plus many more!

Four New Carrera 132 Cars In Stock

An unexpected delivery today of four new Carrera analogue cars.

And two much anticipated Ferrari 458 racing liveries. The liveries were first seen in Carrera Go cars last year and both designs really stood out and the 1:32 scale cars are no different. We expect these cars to be very popular.  

Monday, 30 April 2012

Scalextric Range Change

A big surprise today with the announcement of a range change of the Nissan GTR C3276 is now going to be removed from this year’s release and a rally livery VW Beetle taking its place under the same product code C3276, we hope by keeping the product code it does not cause too much confusion.
We have edited the listing on the website to show the early images we have for the item and all we know is that it is going to be released in the 4th quarter. We will bring you more information as we get it for the car.

We think that it will be a good change as the Nissan has proved to be a great seller and the Beetles are still selling well long after the release of the first livery of the iconic classic car.